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Soils and Potting Mixes

Mill Mud
Rich and long-lasting addition to your soil.
from $ 10.00 / 20L bag

Potting Mix
from $ 10.00 / 20L bag

Premium Garden Mix
An extra-rich mix of soil and organics, perfect for vege gardens and when you want the best of all your plants.
from $ 10.00 / 20L bag

Lawn Dressing
from $ 10.00 / 20L bag

Rocky Point Coco Pro
An innovation in potting mix, Coco Pro is top quality, environmentally sustainable and versatile, replacing multiple speciality pottings mixes. Coco Pro is ideal for potted fruit trees, herbs and veges, shrubs and roses, bromeliads, terrestrial orchids, palms, and ferns too! This professional grade mix contains coconut fibre and chips from renewable resources, along with lots of added goodies to feed plants for up to 12 months. Suitable for containers large and small.
$ 13.50 / 30L bag

Rocky Point Seed & Cutting Mix
Professional grade mix giving you superior germination and propagation of all your seeds and cuttings, of veges, herbs and flowers.
$ 15.75 / 22L bag

Rocky Point Orchid Mix
Perfect for epiphytes and terrestrial orchids, a lightweight and long-term potting mix used by professional orchid growers. Contains added trace elements and minerals, along with wetting agent, to help you grow the most beautiful orchids you can!
$ 13.50 / 30L bag

Rocky Point Garden Soil
$ 11.00 / 30L bag